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Cheryl Gillespie has written an unusual account of an unusual woman and a unique experience. She has properly lionized Minnie Lee Gartley, the dedicated, courageous mother of a Prisoner of War captured in Vietnam. In this record of a few years, we learn not only about the war, and the promises never kept by the White House, but also of the powerful determination of a school teacher, wife, and mother to see the war end and her son and all the other POWs come home. Minnie Lee never gave up campaigning to end the war to enable the release of the POWs. Never underestimate the power of civil society and the power of one woman.

Cora Weiss was the co-chair of the Committee of Liaison with Servicemen Detained in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, or COLIAFAM. She was a national leader of Women Strike for Peace and is the President of the Hague Appeal for Peace. She has been nominated 5 times for the Nobel Peace Prize.